Grandma Lottie – A Wellness Journey

By Charlene Tan
Certified Newfield Ontological Coach,
Tension & Trauma Release Facilitator

I first came to know about Grandma Lottie after my first trip to Indonesia where I shared about Young Living Essential Oils.

A lady who attended my sharing session left with a bottle of ImmuPower. She had wanted to use it for herself but the scent was too overbearing for her. This is not uncommon as ImmuPower is an oil blend with several strong-smelling ingredients like Oregano, Cistus, Clove and Cumin! Unable to tolerate the scent, she eventually passed the valuable bottle of oil to her friend who was caring for her aged mother of 97 years.

A few months later, during my second visit to Indonesia, I was introduced to Grandma Lottie. Her daughter was excited to share with me the transformation she had witnessed with the use of Young Living’s ImmuPower. Grandma Lottie had regained much vitality! Her mobility, sleep and concentration level had improved and she was living an optimally healthy life with the use of Young Living products!

So how exactly do Young Living products support our overall wellness, you may ask. The simple truth is, Young Living essential oils contain vital plant compounds, many of which have been studied scientifically for their positive effects. These compounds offer the greatest potential benefits in their natural, unadulterated state. These oils are infused in our supplements for better absorption by the body. Our aromatic products are also quick to ease our daily tension and stress. Simply inhaling the essential oils can boost our emotional state, allowing us to experience relaxation and tranquillity.

By focusing on achieving wellness, purpose and abundance, we are able to live a healthy and meaningful life. Grandma Lottie’s wellness journey is an inspiration to me and the many who had come to know her. Grandma Lottie turns 98 in 2 months and she loves getting oiled and shares her toothless smiles whenever she gets praises about her amazing body. I am already looking forward to our next get-together and am planning to attend her 100th birthday celebration.

I’ll be sharing more about Grandma Lottie and other amazing wellness stories at RevOILution (Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Expo Hall 404) on 20 June 2015, Saturday.


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It is without a doubt that stress and pain are closely related. More often than not, our physical aches and pains are an indication of chronic stress. Chronic pains can affect people from all age groups: young adults in school, working professionals, sportsmen and the elderly may all be victims. Come and learn how essential oils can support you in achieving physical and emotional well-being, and simple techniques to bring relief to the stressed-out body and mind.