Matilda Pang’s Tips on How to Build a Business with Less Than $500

matildawibDo you go crazy at the fact that you have to wake up every morning for work, just so you can fulfill another person’s dreams? Are you sick of being stuck in the office for more than 10 hours a day and wondering if you have to do so for your entire life until you are 65? Do you wish that you could be rewarded by merit rather than making sure that your boss likes you?

Yet, the capital outlay of renting a shop, hiring workers and having no fixed salary scares the daylights out of you? Interested in learning more about starting a business where you can start with a much lesser capital without having to quit your job until your business generates enough income?

An entrepreneurial mindset is essential in today’s fast-changing business and economic environment.  What worked in your grandparents’ generation will no longer work in today’s World.

Have you heard of employees being laid off after serving the company for years? I certainly have. By having an entrepreneurial mindset, you will be better prepared for your financial future and your family’s life. Unlike employees, entrepreneurs don’t rely on the safety net of a pay check from someone else. They learn from their mistakes, are driven to solve problems, and get results no matter how much time or effort it takes.

As Robert Kiyosaki, author of #1 best-selling personal finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad has said, ‘Traditional education and job security are the last thread of the industrial age.  Their time is over.’

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Could It Be Your Liver? Kai Tan Shares About the Importance of Liver Wellness


Kai Tan • RevOILutionI woke up one day with a burning red rash on the right side of my torso and unexplained bruise-like marks. Over the next few days, I watched as the rash spread across the body and found myself retching due to serious indigestion. I was also extremely fatigued. It was casually dismissed as an allergic reaction in the initial consultation. I decided to seek my naturopathic doctor’s opinion when even the TCM anti-allergy medications yielded weak results. Finally, through my blood results, I was told that my liver was having a melt-down from stress.

The liver works 24 hours a day. It processes everything that we eat, drink, breathe or rub on your skin and these are just some of its’ 500 over different functions vital to life. It processes food, extracts nutrients and produces bile to digest fatty foods. A healthy liver regulates blood glucose levels, provides your body with energy, fights off infections and toxins, helps in blood clotting and regulates hormones.

My episode with my liver made me curious about its power and its functions. I began my journey of undertaking careful considerations on how best to love my liver, so as to stay dynamic and healthy.

As one of the most hardworking organs in our bodies, the liver is known to tirelessly work and tolerate our “lifestyle abuses”. As this hardy organ weakens, obvious physical signs are usually not evident until a later stage. This tricks us into believing we are all in great shape and in the pink of health. But in reality, our organs like the precious liver – was doing way too much over-time (OT) and paying the price for our stubborn or ignorant ways.

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Jane Grafton Shares Why Laughter is the Best Gift


jane Grafton • RevOILution“Laughter keeps us young in mind, spirit and body.  Laughter promotes happiness, confidence, positivity and optimism.  It is a wonderful stress buster, it improves clarity, alertness and focus by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain and body.  It reduces rumination and negative thought patterns.  It naturally bonds us, relaxes us, stimulates creativity and brings joy and kindness in to our lives.   It helps us see a lighter side of life, be more playful, fun loving and develop an inner resilience. Laughter is completely natural and available to us at any time.  What a wonderful gift to possess!

In Laughter Yoga, we combine laughter exercises with awareness of breathing and give ourselves a powerful cardio workout; 10 minutes of hearty laughter equals 30 minutes on a rowing machine.  Through a series of gentle stretches and laughter games, which requires no special expertise, clothing or prior experience, the mind and body is literally transformed into a different state.  I have been practicing and leading Laughter Yoga for 16 years and never cease to be amazed by it’s benefits.  All it requires is a willingness to try it and see.

Essential Oils complement Laughter Yoga well as they naturally relax us and bring us in to a deeper state of equilibrium.  When we laugh we are living life more fully in the present moment, we are open more fully to what is around us, to our own authenticity and uniqueness.  We are more accepting of life as it comes and in a more natural harmony with all that is.  This alone changes everything. At the forthcoming RevOILution Wellness Expo experience this combination of Laughter Yoga and Young Living Essential Oils first hand. The laughter will enhance our capacity to benefit from the oils and the oils will enhance our capacity to relax, let go and enjoy.”

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