What My Journey with Hope Had Taught Me about Life & Wellness by Alfred of the Light Goes On

jacqong_gennetsongAfter attending my second pet cremation ceremony with a couple of friends, we came to this interesting question: Can death be a celebration of life rather than just a mourning for a loss?

Having witnessed how Gennet and Jacq cared for Hope, a dog, a family member, a wise guide and a teacher diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma living her late stage of life, something dawned upon me.

Embracing the bigger picture changes everything!

By celebrating the life that the deceased had gone through and to embrace death as a point of transition, the cremation ceremony would not be so cold. It would be filled with party, gifts, songs, music, food and wine while still allowing people to grief, express their heartfelt emotions and remain respectful. If Thomas Edison had not envisioned of the bigger picture of coming up with a commercially viable light bulb, he could have died a miserable death for having failed 10,000 times before the world could see the light!

The problem is, we treat life as having individual parts in isolation. When we approach illnesses as symptoms to be fixed, we fail to see the implications that other aspects of our life had played.

A way to turn this around?

Explore, investigate, create and test your creation.

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Faith Teo: The Race is on- What Do You Dream Of?

Faith Teo (400x400)For the past 7 years, I was contented with my job at an international bank. I not only loved my work but treasured the friendships in my team as well. My superiors were also AWESOME people. I did not have any notion of leaving at all.

However, it all changed when I gave birth to my daughter, Juvia, in Sep 2012. Motherhood transformed me. To be honest, prior to her birth, I was unsure if I could become a good mother. Having a child was not in my initial life plans. In fact, it took me 10 years of marriage before I decided to have a child. I was so entranced with the little girl that God bestowed on Jon and I. To say that I love her would be an understatement. Juvia taught me what BIG LOVE really feels like. To me, big love is taking care of her for hours despite feeling various bone and muscle aches. It also meant months of little sleep because Ju wasn’t able to sleep well (and still doesn’t). There was even a point in time when I seriously considered giving up on my well paid job just so I could be at home with her. Time spent away from her, was like living with half a heart and I missed her so much. I even cried when Jon sent me photos from home.

However, I was hesitant to give up on my job as I was the sole breadwinner. We didn’t have much savings and it seemed irresponsible. This deliberation process went on for 5 months before my decision was made. I have been using Young Living Oils since my pregnancy and the oils gave me what every mother hoped for. A healthy child and a beautiful, natural birth. I loved the oils and shared their benefits with my friends, who in turn, came to love them too. As such, I decided to try to build a business out of it. In July 2013, I informed my boss of my intention to resign.

I then embarked on the journey of starting my own business while possessing the thought of scrimping and saving as much as I could, in the meantime. I set goals with my awesome uplines. The race was on.

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Yen Then Shares How Yin & Yang Yoga Can Help Establish Balance in Mind and Body

Yen Then • RevOILutionYin and Yang describe complementary and contrasting energies which are present anywhere. Yin represents femininity, receptiveness, cool, moon, autumn/winter and the night. On the other hand, Yang represents masculinity, activeness, heat, sun, spring/summer and the day. A balance of both Yin and Yang energy is very important to the well-being of an individual.

Yin Yoga is slow and steady with a sense of core softness and surrender. It uses long and passive holds to work on the deep connective tissues of the body. The flow of prana (or Qi, the body’s life force) is activated by the length, depth, focus and direction of breathing. The steady postures also allow you to develop yin qualities of surrender, similar to a long acupuncture session.

Yang Yoga is an active, dynamic practice that stretches and strengthens muscular tissues with an emphasis on internal heating. Most Yang postures involve standing while most Yin postures involve sitting, lying down as well as more focus on the pelvis, hips and lower spine. By combining Yin and Yang postures, your body will be given the full exercise and balance that it needs.

Aromatherapy can also bring about several benefits when utilized in Yin & Yang Yoga. In Yang Yoga we will use oils that promote Yang energy such as peppermint, ginger and thyme, and while in Yin Yoga we will use calming and cooling oils to counteract excess Yang such as lavender, chamomile and orange. Through yoga, breathing and the use of essential oils we will weave the science of aromatherapy into our bodies via our skins and our senses. By applying and inhaling pure essential oils as we practice, it will enhance the emotional support and therapy that Yoga provides.

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Healthy Food Almost Killed Me. Ryan Ong Shares About the Importance of Understanding Food Labels

Ryan Ong • RevOILutionAccording to a National Nutritional Survey (Singapore) conducted in 2010, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of Singaporeans that consume excess calories, fats, sugar, sodium and insufficient dietary fibre as compared to 2004. As such, this has resulted in a growing number of Singaporeans developing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, packaged foods have become a popular option for anyone looking for a quick fix. As we all know, most packaged foods come with nutritional labels. However, these labels can be very tricky to understand. Even if you opt for packaged foods that are supposedly of a “healthier choice”, they might sometimes be worse than those without the “healthy” label. Whether be it the unknown ingredients in the ingredient list or the never-ending numbers in the nutrition panel, label reading can be a difficult and confusing process. So, how can we better understand and read these food labels?

For instance, certain “Low-Fat” products are lower in fat calories, but higher in terms of sugar calories so as to compensate for the lack of fat. Common sugar can also be named as “Sucrose” or “Fructose” in the ingredient list. In addition, it is also important to know when to use “Per Serving” or “Per 100g”, when comparing the nutritional content between food products. In short, having a good understanding of these food labels can help you in selecting healthier food alternatives to store in your fridge, freezer and pantry.

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