Faith Teo: The Race is on- What Do You Dream Of?

Faith Teo (400x400)For the past 7 years, I was contented with my job at an international bank. I not only loved my work but treasured the friendships in my team as well. My superiors were also AWESOME people. I did not have any notion of leaving at all.

However, it all changed when I gave birth to my daughter, Juvia, in Sep 2012. Motherhood transformed me. To be honest, prior to her birth, I was unsure if I could become a good mother. Having a child was not in my initial life plans. In fact, it took me 10 years of marriage before I decided to have a child. I was so entranced with the little girl that God bestowed on Jon and I. To say that I love her would be an understatement. Juvia taught me what BIG LOVE really feels like. To me, big love is taking care of her for hours despite feeling various bone and muscle aches. It also meant months of little sleep because Ju wasn’t able to sleep well (and still doesn’t). There was even a point in time when I seriously considered giving up on my well paid job just so I could be at home with her. Time spent away from her, was like living with half a heart and I missed her so much. I even cried when Jon sent me photos from home.

However, I was hesitant to give up on my job as I was the sole breadwinner. We didn’t have much savings and it seemed irresponsible. This deliberation process went on for 5 months before my decision was made. I have been using Young Living Oils since my pregnancy and the oils gave me what every mother hoped for. A healthy child and a beautiful, natural birth. I loved the oils and shared their benefits with my friends, who in turn, came to love them too. As such, I decided to try to build a business out of it. In July 2013, I informed my boss of my intention to resign.

I then embarked on the journey of starting my own business while possessing the thought of scrimping and saving as much as I could, in the meantime. I set goals with my awesome uplines. The race was on.

I began to use Cedarwood, Believe, Transformation daily.

Cedarwood: For clarity and precious oxygen to my brain. I need ideas to grow, grow and grow!

Believe: On the top of my head/crown area because I have to believe that I can do it.

Transformation: An oil that works on releasing old beliefs and instilling new ones that support me on my quest. Such a powerful oil. I kept praying for Silver because I thought that would be when I can secure the minimum income needed to feed my family.

At that time, my organization: Let’s Add Oil, was young, small and had 10 of us in total. We are a group of mommies who had kids in Sep 2012 and I was teaching them how to use the oils on a daily basis.. Excitement was high and friends helped each other out. Moms who wanted natural wellness for their kids and still do.

I kept praying that I could do it and began to add Abundance to the oils that I use daily. I prayed for so many things such as money to provide for my family. Time was ticking. I had only 2 months before I would become jobless. I prayed for wisdom. For flexibility to shift and adapt to whatever I need to do to grow my business.

Then the BIG THING happened. My boss called me.

“Please don’t resign. We have a better offer for you.”

I won’t go into details about what exactly happened. But I will say that in the end, I was able to walk away from my job without any financial worries and went into Young Living full time as of 1 Oct 2013.

It has been such an amazing journey. The Let’s Add Oil organisation grew from strength to strength for the next 2 years and I am blessed to have dedicated, loving, caring people in my team, sharing about the oils, building our own businesses. As of 2015, we have achieved over USD1 million annual sales.

So with the conclusion of my story, I want to ask you.

What do you dream of?

What is that inner quiet timid voice whispering to you?

Wherein lies your joy?

Use your oils. And DON’T GIVE UP!

Ask for support.

You are here for a purpose.

Take a baby step today and with all my blessings, have a wonderful amazing life.


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