What My Journey with Hope Had Taught Me about Life & Wellness by Alfred of the Light Goes On

jacqong_gennetsongAfter attending my second pet cremation ceremony with a couple of friends, we came to this interesting question: Can death be a celebration of life rather than just a mourning for a loss?

Having witnessed how Gennet and Jacq cared for Hope, a dog, a family member, a wise guide and a teacher diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma living her late stage of life, something dawned upon me.

Embracing the bigger picture changes everything!

By celebrating the life that the deceased had gone through and to embrace death as a point of transition, the cremation ceremony would not be so cold. It would be filled with party, gifts, songs, music, food and wine while still allowing people to grief, express their heartfelt emotions and remain respectful. If Thomas Edison had not envisioned of the bigger picture of coming up with a commercially viable light bulb, he could have died a miserable death for having failed 10,000 times before the world could see the light!

The problem is, we treat life as having individual parts in isolation. When we approach illnesses as symptoms to be fixed, we fail to see the implications that other aspects of our life had played.

A way to turn this around?

Explore, investigate, create and test your creation.

That is the software that Elon Musk harnessed to build his incredible successes. Unlike most of us, Musk doesn’t do something because others say it is a good idea or that’s how it was done before.

He looks at the fundamentals, the building blocks or the first principles and builds his reasoning from there. He then continually tests his creation and adjusts accordingly based on what he learns. From there, he derived conclusions on what works and what does not, even if they may or may not be different from what people had done in the past.

That is ‘what separates a Chef from a cook’, a metaphor that blogger Tim Urban used to decode Elon Musk’s secret sauce. As Urban described, “a Chef works his way upwards from the raw ingredients as his building blocks, using his experience, his instincts, and his taste buds. Whereas a cook works off from some sort of what’s already out there – a recipe of some kind, a meal he tried and liked or a dish he watched someone else make.”

As we learn to embrace the bigger picture, the essential oils we used are not just oils to address certain ailments, but a gift from nature. These gifts of nature form the building blocks of healing for our relationships with animals and nature itself. It is this “holy trinity” – Human, Animals & gifts of nature from the essence of the oils; this interconnected relationship healing that promotes wellness.

By embracing the bigger picture, we are not seeking to be fixed, but to nurture and grow as an ecosystem, rather as an ego system.

It is like a black ink that drops into the ocean, the whole context of what is “black” changes.

That, my friend, is the principle of wholistic wellness.

From the team of The Light Goes On, we invite you to join us in exploring the bigger picture of wellness on 20 Aug 2016 at the Revoilution with Gennet and Jacq from their first hand insights and wisdom.

With that, I like to leave you with this question to explore: “What is wellness to you?”

(This article was written before Hope made her peaceful transition on the 11 Aug 2016)

To Hope and beyond

Catch Jacq and Gennet’s ‘To Hope and Beyond – Wholistic Animal-Human Wellness: Enhancing the Quality of Life for Animals and Healing for Their Caregivers’ Sharing Session @ RevOILution on August 20th:

In this 2 hour workshop, Gennet and Jacq will lead us into an extraordinary journey with Hope, a dog, a family member, a wise guide and a teacher, who has been diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma, and is at her late and end stage of life. Through caring for Hope, they adopted a ‘wholistic’ system of wellness & wisdom that encompasses not just the animal care, but also that for the caregiver.

This will be an engaging and interactive session not just for pet guardians and animal lovers, but also those seeking to enhance their total well-being and relationships with their loved ones, especially during tough and trying circumstances.