Md Shariff Abdullah @ Peters Christopher

Professional Athlete & Inspirational Speaker @

Shariff Abdullah is a marathon enthusiast with a difference. He is a professional para-athlete and an inspirational speaker. Born without a left foot, Shariff has been wearing a prosthetic blade since he was six. During his school days, he participated in various sports such as running, bodybuilding, trekking and kayaking, giving his schoolmates reason to call him the “Six Million Dollar Man” because of all the sports he played.

Life was not easy for Shariff. Abandoned while he was a baby, people mocked him, laughed at his appearance, and called him names. However, he had no choice but to accept it and remain strong. In August 2008, Shariff felt a needle-like pain on his stump, which quickly led to an infection that required an amputation of five inches of his stump. Inspired by World Double Amputee Sprinter Oscar Pistorius, Shariff, recovered quickly from his operation. Just three months after his amputation, Shariff picked up running, and has since been known as Singapore Blade Runner™. To date he has ran many marathons, both local and overseas.

He has also been invited to many schools and corporates to share his personal journey with them, and the secret to his success, despite his challenges as a mobility impaired athlete. Shariff has been an avid user of Young Living essential oils & oil-infused products since 2013 noticing a remarkable difference on his performance as a professional athlete, as well as the positive impact the products have on his overall well-being. He is the first Athlete with Disability (AWD), Mobility Impaired (MI) runner in Asia to qualify and run for the prestigious Boston Marathon, which made history for Singapore. Shariff has ran in the Boston Marathon for consecutive years since 2012, with the most recent one in 2015.

Accomplishments also include: participation in the Beijing International Marathon, the North Face Singapore Series, the Viper Challenge, his climbing expeditions to Mount Ophir, Mount Kinabalu and Mount Manali in India, as well as his cycling in the OCBC Cycling 2015. For 2016, Shariff is set to run in the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon, one of the longest and toughest marathon in the world. This would make him the first para-athlete in the world to race in this prestigious event. Shariff’s vision is to inspire the world, especially children and young adults, to lead a healthier lifestyle through sports, despite all the challenges that they might have.