Charlene Tan

Certified Professional Ontological Coach @ Leader of My Gifted Oilers Team

From a young age, Charlene understood the importance of holistic wellness. Having had to take various medication since the age of 4, her search for natural remedies led her to essential oils. However none of the essential oils purchased off the shelf at major health stores achieved the outcomes as described by the literature she came across – until 2009. Her first experience with Young Living Essential Oils blew her away. “I finally found what I’ve been looking for all these years,” she says, right after that very first encounter. Since then, Charlene has personally participated in countless transformations and continues to be in awe of the amazing results brought about by Young Living products. She enjoys the friendships, freedom and fulfilment that the Young Living business brings. Charlene has a personal interest in simplifying motherhood and womanhood. Today, she travels around with her little boy in tow to empower women and young families to be more, do more and have more in life.