Gennet Song • RevOILution

Gennet Song

Growth Passion Nurturer; Founder @ The Light Goes On

Gennet is the Founder and the Growth Passion Nurturer at The Light Goes On.  A Passion Coach, as well as an Integrative Health Coach by profession, Gennet lives her passion nurturing the light within herself and others, especially women.  She believes that joy is all our birthright and our purpose in life is simple – to be happy.

A friend introduced Gennet to Young Living in 2010 when Jacq, her partner, went through a health crisis.  Through the help of a Naturopathic Physician and incorporating a holistic lifestyle of diet, nutrition, exercise, and emotional work which also included Young Living products, Jacq regained her health and passion for life.  Since then, Young Living has become very much a part of their household for themselves, their families including their 2 dogs, Avante and Hope. In addition, the Young Living products also supported both Avante and Hope as well as herself in the journey towards healthier skin.

In the upcoming talk, Gennet will be sharing about the use of essential oils in navigating through different life transitions, with tips to support the physical body to ride through changes, and emotional equilibrium to find joy and lightness in situations we cannot control, and maintain focus and clarity during stressful times.

For more on Gennet’s background, read her full bio here.