Jacq Ong

Life Transitions Explorer; Co-Founder @ The Light Goes On

Jacq is the Co-founder and Life Transitions Explorer at The Light Goes On.  As Human-Animal Empowerment Facilitator, Jacq lives her light exploring the learning embedded in life’s transitions and sharing them through her facilitative-style of story-telling, the human-animal connection, where animals, as our teachers, reflect important life lessons for our human journey.

A friend introduced Young Living to Jacq when she had a health crisis in 2010.  Along with Young Living products, Jacq embarked on the route of complementary medicine, consulting a Naturopathic Physician and incorporating a holistic lifestyle, encompassing physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

This holistic lifestyle extends to her family: her partner, Gennet and their 2 dogs, Avante and Hope.  Avante enjoys healthy skin and wellness.  Hope continues to receive holistic wellness support in her palliative care.

A 5-week internship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, in May 2015, expanded her appreciation and understanding of the human-animal connection to include dogs, cats, bunnies, parrots and wild life.  The time spent with the animals and their caregivers further enhanced the message of self-care for the human caregivers and that similar to human wellness, animal wellness include partnership with vets and trainers, proper nutrition and diet, exercise, managing emotional, environmental and energetic influences for both humans and animals.

Jacq was among the first batch of participants at the Essential Oil and Animal Conference in 2015, where she learnt from renowned veterinarians and professionals.  In 2016, she returned to this Animal Conference together with Gennet to continue her learning journey on holistic practices for wellness for animals and animal guardians.

Her upcoming talk focuses on holistic wellness support and its impact on both animals and their humans before, during and after transitions. 

For more on Jacq’s background, read her full bio here.