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Kai Tan

Integrative Wellness Coach & Founder @ ONE Drop

Kai Tan is an Integrative Wellness Coach with Institute of Integrative Health in New York, an advocate of Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Health, one of the founders of ONE Drop (www.ONEDrop.sg) and currently, a Young Living Diamond Leader. She educates on wholesome approaches to life’s various health and wellness needs and challenges and is passionate about helping others regain balance in their lives.

Kai was a Personal Life Coach and Corporate Trainer since 2007. She began to re-direct and expand her developmental work into the Health and Wellness field since 2010 after walking through a personal health crisis as well as that of important family members. She holds very dear to her heart a calling to revolutionalize and steer our wellness culture into one that is self-empowering, compassionate, non-intrusive and natural.