Nana Lim

CARE Instructor; Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner @ Centre of Aromatherapy Research and Education

Nana Lim is the first person in Asia to become a Certified CARE Instructor from the Centre of Aromatherapy Research and Education in the US. The use of essential oils started as a hobby for Nana 16 years ago. After experiencing how Young Living’s essential oils produced results 3 times faster than other brands she had used in the past, Nana went to the US to be trained and certified by Dr David Stewart. Whilst Nana is a Chartered Accountant by profession, she is also a Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner with the Guild of Energists (GoE) in the UK. Nana believes that while many resources are available to help us achieve physical and emotional well-being, replenishing one’s Spirit is the key.