Norce Putri • RevOILution by Young Living Singapore

Norce Putri

@ Certified Life Coach; Founder, Atsiri Living

Norce was a marketing manager in a private retail company in Indonesia, where she managed over 200 retail branches before she moved to Singapore with her family. From the experience working in corporate, she learned that in order to achieve a common goal, a leader needs to understand and connect with the goal and needs of each individual in the team.

Norce joined Young Living in September 2014 and she saw Young Living as a great vehicle that can help bring people together and to their desired life. With over 90% of her team members based in Indonesia, Norce builds her organisation remotely by utilizing technology and doing online coaching for her team leaders. The programme aims to build confidence, refine skills and provide platforms for women to showcase their forte with more clarity, meaning and purpose.

She is currently pursuing her Life Coaching training with International Association of Coaching Institute as part of her quest to empower individuals.