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Yen Then

Yoga Teacher @ Kate Porter Yoga

Yen’s yoga journey began 14 years ago when she attended a class at a Buddhist temple in Kuching, Malaysia. The elation she felt when she did her first wheel pose never left her. In 2004, Yen moved to Singapore and came to love the flow of Vinyasa classes as she felt her movements and breath blending in a nice, calm rhythm. In 2012, she completed her 200-hour Diploma in Yoga with Dr Venky Reddy in Singapore and became a certified Yoga teacher.

Shortly after that, she spent a month in Rishikesh, India and began her ‘eat, pray, love’ journey at the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram. Her experience in Rishikesh deeply changed and enriched Yen. She realized that yoga is a blessing because it gives her the opportunity to help people manage their stress and find inner peace.